BusAndCamper is a privately owned website.

Established in 2009 we aim to serve the Volkswagen Camper community with articles, and other select things to do with Camping.

Our love is for the VW bus and VW camper, be it a Westfalia or Kombi – we just like them. We have driven our buses since 2000 and enjoy their character and style, every curve, line, and mechanical feature has at some point been explored. We have restored several buses, some to show standard, but have had fun doing it. Not an easy task to restore these vehicles, but fun none the less.

This site is a focal point of our experiences – both in traveling to bus shows, in family outings wherever they may be, traveling across the US, importing and exporting buses, and finally camping in a 50-year-old Westfalia in the Great Smokey mountains with the Full Moon Bus Club whilst in the USA.