Pictures of a restored Camper and an original 13w – both in solid colour of Lotus Weiss

L282 Lotus White Deluxe VW Campervans – restored and original

Whilst single colour campervans are not unusual – a solid colour deluxe campervan is. This particular Camper is a rare in itself being a 21 window deluxe bus – often called a Samba.
A nicely restored 21w Bus – L282 Lotus White top and bottom (inside too) and with the correct L82 Silver White Bumpers and wheels, the deluxe waist line trim or belt trim doing a super job of accentuating the nose on this Bus;

L282 Lotus white 21w


A picture showing the long side and rear hatch area – not often you see a solid colour deluxe;

Lotus White 21w Samba Campervan


Close up of the rear of the Bus – this van was for sale a while back up in NY;

vw camper deluxe bus


Picture showing those amazing skylight windows – the sunroof just visible and also in white;

21w skylight samba Camper


Mid restoration pictures – looks like its getting a grey interior – originally Lotus White buses had a tan colour of aero balearic scheme – rarely seen nowadays and not reproduced by TMI, this picture shows the amazing sunroof, skylight and walk through front seat configuration;

21w walk through Camper


Another mid restoration picture – is that new belt trim or highly polished original;

mid restoration front nose deluxe campervan


And for comparison here is a very original Lotus White 13w – for sale on the theSamba.com a few years ago – plenty of detail here including a copy of the original sale sheet;

13w Lotus White Camper


l282 original lotus white campervan front nose


13 window deluxe Camper rear corner


And the amazing original interior, beautiful aero balearic – this is the bench model with the longer middle seat;

original camper middle seat


aero balearic original lotus white interior


A view of the front seats – climb in and drive;

Lotus white front seat vw camper


A copy of the original sales sheet – only $2500 or so – cool accessory list huh;

original sales sheet title vw camper


Finally a cheeky picture to show that VW were not afraid to use the same colours on other vehicles in their fleet – a Lotus White Karmann Ghia in original paint;

lotus white karmann ghia original