Werksberg ABS plastic door cards – bare or recovered will last longer than hardboard

Bay Window Door Cards – replacement and restoration

Tired and worn looking door panels on your Bay window – this blog post shows how we made our Camper look clean and refreshed with a pair of ABS werksberg door cards. Read the rest of this entry »


New reproductions – here we show the differences

Guide to Quarterlight Windows – repro or original parts

Vent windows, quarterlights, smokers windows – regardless these are the small opening windows at the leading edge of the front doors. They’re great for ventilation, don’t make that wind buffeting noise that is common on modern cars. Read the rest of this entry »


VW approved Toolkits made by Hazet – inventors of chrome vanadium plating for tools

Guide to Hazet RoundBox Toolkits – with Original Ads

Hazet tools have always been synonymous with German auto manufacturers and Volkswagen is no exception. Here we take a look at how to date a Roundbox toolkit into 4 main date groups and then show some fantastic period ads showing how Hazet and VW worked together through the 50’s and 60’s through the medium of official Volkswagen advertising materials. Read the rest of this entry »


Pictures of a restored Camper and an original 13w – both in solid colour of Lotus Weiss

L282 Lotus White Deluxe VW Campervans – restored and original

Whilst single colour campervans are not unusual – a solid colour deluxe campervan is. This particular Camper is a rare in itself being a 21 window deluxe bus – often called a Samba. Read the rest of this entry »


Put a 2276cc engine in a VW Camper, lower it and drive it like you stole it

Video clip driving the DragBus in the Great Smoky Mountains – scared passenger

Some adult language in this one as our friend and long time VW officionado Rhett wants to be driven through the Great Smoky mountains.. he was holding the camera




Well respected VW shops around the internet

BusandCamper Websites of interest

Friends from the East Coast US


For all those rare and unusual parts try Carolina’s Vintage Workshop
Parts and information on the Samba;
Carolinas Vintage Workshop


For East Coast Funky Green Metal try MonkeyNut VW
Parts and information here;


For a cool history of the UK’s very own leaders in VW style
Information and pictures here;



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Deliciously original Como green interior to a 21 window VW Samba – super original

VW como green interior – from an amazing low mileage original campervan

According to Wolfsburgwest como green interiors were around from 1961 through to 1964 Campers. This was the time when VW made colour co-ordination their thing – their style. Beetles had coloured everything – from steering wheels to rubber mats, and so the Camper from that period too had colour co-ordination. Primarily used for L380 Turquoise (Turkis), L289 Blue White type 2’s – como green is a beautiful shade of pastel green. Read the rest of this entry »


VW Camper parts restoration – map pockets to 1963

VW Camper door panel restoration – new map pockets

Early VW Campers from 55 or so through to 1963 had front door trim panels with pockets – small packets for maps and other necessary VW related equipment – big enough for a torch or a map etc. In 1964 the pockets were deleted in favour of a door detent arm arrangement – the two interfering with each other meant the pockets were no more – or that they were a cost saving. These pockets were, like the original panels, made from fibreboard, and over time they absorbed moisture and will gradually deteriorate until they cease to function. Read the rest of this entry »


VW Camper accessory – an ultimate part for a campervan show bus

Vintage Coolers – a guide to buying

Old metal Coolboxes – Coke, Pepsi, Dr Pepper Cooler

Perhaps the most popular cooler in its day – an iconic old coke cooler;
Read the rest of this entry »


How the factory masked and painted the body of a VW Bus

Painting a VW Campervan – how the factory painted both colours

Painting a VW split screen bus sounds easy enough, only when the painter starts asking where the mask lines go for the two tone paint is we start to think about it in the level of detail necessary. So after we removed all the paint from the bus we scratched our heads for where the paint goes. We chose L555 titian red and L472 beige grey – which is a classic colour combo from the later years of a split screen production.
Read the rest of this entry »

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