The steps to getting an MOT, UK plates and then FOR SALE

Lenoir our Splitscreen 11window MOT and Sale

Getting Lenoir ready for sale meant going through lots of the smaller details to make ready for an MOT and then registering for UK plates with the DVLA. Read the rest of this entry »

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A common problem with Bay Window Vans – rusted out lower front panels – whats behind your bumper

Easley – EarlyBay nose repairs, new valences and dogleg steps

With the bumper off and a cut off wheel we strip away the old rusted out panels and show the typical new replacement panels we used. EarlyBay to later Bays had slight changes to the front of the Vans – early bays have low indicators, larger badge sitting on a flat panel, wider air intake and a flat non ribbed front valence. Add to this no-one makes a complete early front panel and you see why some restorations have later noses on earlier Buses. Read the rest of this entry »

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House of horror finds – previous repairs needed to be better

Easley – right side rear quarter repairs

After a little digging around we realised the right side rear quarter panel on our Volkswagen Westfalia Camper had been repaired at some point but not only that there was more rust and corrosion than previously thought in the whole area. Read the rest of this entry »


What we did to rewire the US spec rear lights to be Euro spec

Rewiring Lights on our VW Camper Vans for UK use

This is a guide on how to modify the wiring on a US spec bus such that we have seperate flashing indicators of orange or amber colour – UK and Europe legal.


Rear Read the rest of this entry »

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A comparison of rear lights – US spec to Euro spec

US and Euro spec Hella rear lights for a Camper

US spec rear lights are a little different to european spec – in the US it was and still is common to see the brake light used as the indicator – thus you will see a set of brake lights come on as the driver slows and then one brake light will flash as the driver uses his indicator. The bulb is a normal 1157 dual filament bulb (5W / 25W) BA15s bayonet arrangement. Read the rest of this entry »

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MOT time in the UK, this is what we had to our US spec 67 13w to pass

UK MOT test for a Camper

For a US spec vehicle there are a number of challenges to overcome in order to get a UK registration. Perhaps the biggest thing to realise is that in most US states there are no inspections for vehicles over a certain age – not even safety inspections, hence it is possible that although the bus was being driven on the road in the US that it will require some specific work to make it meet a UK MOT test. Read the rest of this entry »