Making our Bus quieter – how we used sound dampener and absorber materials

VW Camper soundproofing – part two finishing the interior

The dampener material is a heavy sticky bitumen like substrate that adheres to the surface of the panel – it adds mass to the sheet metal and thus increases the natural frequency of the vibration – thus reducing the drum sound. The aluminium layer is what you see after applying the dampener.


Now that the sound dampener is in place time to look at the sound absorber. The absorber soaks up the sound as it passes into the material and slows it down – absorbing the sound energy and translating it into heat. The mat we chose also had a thick layer of rubber bonded to the top surface which acts as a reflector to bounce the sound back into the foam to be absorbed. Read the rest of this entry »


VW camper too noisy – read how we quietened ours down

VW Camper soundproofing – project quiet shh part one

How we made our campervan a little quieter


VW did not really spend much time or money making the Split Screen Camper quiet from the factory. Their efforts extended to some thick rubber mats up front and in the middle and then in the most important areas they splashed out on some thin strips of ‘material’ above the engine at the back of the bus with a loading mat on top. Not quite up to modern day standards and definitely not enough to have a conversation in the front of the Bus without shouting. Read the rest of this entry »