A Rat Look VW Camper – nothing better than a primer paint job then

DragBus Rat Stylee part three – giving it a home-made primer paint job

Keeping the theme of a Rat Style the finish of the paint has to be either original or very close to original – well we were out of original paint on our VW Camper, what with the extreme rust and pitting, plus the numerous panel replacements. So.. Read the rest of this entry »

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So now we’ve identified the Bus we’re going to make Rat Style – a deluxe bus with walk through front seats – its time to make it solid underneath. Our requirement is for a welded solid bus with excellent running gear that on the outside looked like … well crap really. Read the rest of this entry »

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Rat Style Camper – finding a suitable subject

DragBus Rat Style part one – start with a rusty VW Bus

The build spec for this project was a solid deluxe walk through Bus in a Rat Style – with an engine. Rat style and hoodride campers are all unique – no two will be the same – vintage accessories and parts, air cooled engines, custom or stock wheels are a given but its the bodywork and how worn it is that makes the statement. Read the rest of this entry »

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Pictures of a restored Camper and an original 13w – both in solid colour of Lotus Weiss

L282 Lotus White Deluxe VW Campervans – restored and original

Whilst single colour campervans are not unusual – a solid colour deluxe campervan is. This particular Camper is a rare in itself being a 21 window deluxe bus – often called a Samba. Read the rest of this entry »


Detailed pictures of our restored Volkswagen Camper – a 1967 Deluxe 13 window Bus

VW Camper finished restoration – interior pics

Restoring a VW Bus takes time and patience – considerably more than a Beetle for example. There is so much more to in a Camper – its longer, taller, has more doors, more seats, its heavier and as for that headliner.. click pictures to show hi resolution Read the rest of this entry »


Photo shoot of a highly detailed show standard 1967 VW Camper Deluxe bus

VW Camper finished restoration – the exterior pics

After several years and a few months of driving we finally arrived at the time for a photo shoot – the Camper was about perfect – restored how we liked it to be. There are imperfections and non original items but on the whole the finished bus was a pleasure to drive and own. Click pictures to view in hi resolution.. Read the rest of this entry »


Deliciously original Como green interior to a 21 window VW Samba – super original

VW como green interior – from an amazing low mileage original campervan

According to Wolfsburgwest como green interiors were around from 1961 through to 1964 Campers. This was the time when VW made colour co-ordination their thing – their style. Beetles had coloured everything – from steering wheels to rubber mats, and so the Camper from that period too had colour co-ordination. Primarily used for L380 Turquoise (Turkis), L289 Blue White type 2’s – como green is a beautiful shade of pastel green. Read the rest of this entry »