How the factory masked and painted the body of a VW Bus

Painting a VW Campervan – how the factory painted both colours

Painting a VW split screen bus sounds easy enough, only when the painter starts asking where the mask lines go for the two tone paint is we start to think about it in the level of detail necessary. So after we removed all the paint from the bus we scratched our heads for where the paint goes. We chose L555 titian red and L472 beige grey – which is a classic colour combo from the later years of a split screen production.
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Want to remove old paint ready for new – compare these methods.

Stripping paint – sand, soda and by hand methods compared

When the time comes to remove paint there are a number of different methods and techniques – all with varying results and costs. In a rough order of effectiveness the following can be employed / used / tried.

Sand blasting
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One of the more popular colour combinations for a VW Camper

L555 Titian Red Beige Grey VW Campervans

A deep red in colour – L555 titian red lower with L472 beige grey upper – this was a VW Camper colour scheme for model years 1966 and 1967 split screen buses (interestingly titan red was also used for 1968 bay window buses). The VW museum would call it tiziano rot – the German version of the name. Read the rest of this entry »