VW approved Toolkits made by Hazet – inventors of chrome vanadium plating for tools

Guide to Hazet RoundBox Toolkits – with Original Ads

Hazet tools have always been synonymous with German auto manufacturers and Volkswagen is no exception. Here we take a look at how to date a Roundbox toolkit into 4 main date groups and then show some fantastic period ads showing how Hazet and VW worked together through the 50’s and 60’s through the medium of official Volkswagen advertising materials. Read the rest of this entry »


VW Camper hinge pin removal made easy – special tool for VW bus and VW Beetles

VW Door hinge pin removal tool and tips

Ever tried to remove a hinge pin from VW bus door? After several hours with a punch and a steadily bigger and bigger hammer there is definitely a trick to this pin removal idea. Joey Cogdill makes these superb tools which make taking the pin out of a door infinitely more achievable than plain hand tools.


But why remove the pins anyway? Read the rest of this entry »

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Want to remove those rusted out doors but the screws are not coming out?

VW Camper Repair Guide – Rusty screw and bolt removal

Rusted doors and decklids can sometimes present some incredible challenges to get the screws out – especially in the more damp countries such as the UK. A simple screwdriver is not going to budge the big screws and will damage the screwhead quicker than you think, so before that happens read about some of the methods we’ve come across all with varying levels of success. In order of least successful. Read the rest of this entry »

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