Werksberg ABS plastic door cards – bare or recovered will last longer than hardboard

Bay Window Door Cards – replacement and restoration

Tired and worn looking door panels on your Bay window – this blog post shows how we made our Camper look clean and refreshed with a pair of ABS werksberg door cards. Read the rest of this entry »


New reproductions – here we show the differences

Guide to Quarterlight Windows – repro or original parts

Vent windows, quarterlights, smokers windows – regardless these are the small opening windows at the leading edge of the front doors. They’re great for ventilation, don’t make that wind buffeting noise that is common on modern cars. Read the rest of this entry »


Tempted by some cheap Brazilian made metal for your VW Camper

Guide to Rear Aprons – new Brazil or original German part

Our VW Buses are now over 40 years old, and this in the lifetime of steel that can corrode is a long time. Some of the sheetmetal steel can be replaced, for example rocker covers or sills etc, here we take a quick look at a Brazilian made rear apron for a 1966/67 Volkswagen Camper – sometimes also called a rear valence. Read the rest of this entry »