A comparison of rear lights – US spec to Euro spec

US and Euro spec Hella rear lights for a Camper

US spec rear lights are a little different to european spec – in the US it was and still is common to see the brake light used as the indicator – thus you will see a set of brake lights come on as the driver slows and then one brake light will flash as the driver uses his indicator. The bulb is a normal 1157 dual filament bulb (5W / 25W) BA15s bayonet arrangement.


This is a typical US rear housing, note the lower half of the lens is a reflector;
US spec rear light


The genuine ones are swf manufacture
NOS swf


In contrast to this the european rear lights use a dedicated single filament 1156 (25W) bulb for the indicator that is matched to the top orange or amber part of the lens, then the normal 1157 bulb is used lower down for side light and brake light function;
euro dual bulb housing


And this is the front view
NOS euro lense


And this is a well used rat look or patina rear housing – very cool aging effect huh
Euro lens

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