New reproductions – here we show the differences

Guide to Quarterlight Windows – repro or original parts

Vent windows, quarterlights, smokers windows – regardless these are the small opening windows at the leading edge of the front doors. They’re great for ventilation, don’t make that wind buffeting noise that is common on modern cars.


This is right side pair – original and slightly tired on the left and brand new on the right – Wolfsburgwest manufacture / sourced.
pair front right quarterlight opening vent windows side by side


First up is the use of chrome latch handles, as used by deluxe and standard buses, . You’ll probably have a matching chrome latch plate in the Bus if its deluxe or standard, kombi and commercial had black handles and plates. Original on the left – New on the right;
original chrome handleNew chrome handle on quarterlight


Here is an interesting detail to the locking or engaging tip, the new tip looks like a Beetle lock rather than the original looking tip without a nub, it is worth noting replacement handles are available too – although these appear to be the same casting as Beetles as well (same manufacturer?). Original on the left – New on the right;
original tip profilenew tip maybe beetle style


And this is a close up of the tip and the angle of the engaging section, would the new item on the right be more difficult to engage initially and would it force the window to shut much tighter than the original given the height of the tip? Original on the left – New on the right;
original handle tipnew vent window tip


The rivets look secure and machine applied, so this should be a strong point of the window, all too often the handle breaks off meaning these rivets will need doing drilling out and re-applying, and in case it was not obvious Original on the left – New on the right;
painted over rivetslatch rivets


Looking at the top metal frame there are slight differences, this may affect how the top part of the frame sits against the vertical seal – may be lead to a whistle noise? Original on the left – New on the right;
cut back metal on VW partmore metal on a new vent


Finally the bottom of the channel was the same, Original on the left – New on the right;
bottom channelnew bottom channel


This is one reason to fit the new repro vents, this small triangle is quite visible on the eye line of the Bus and when corroded like this can detract from the overall look. obvious which is which;
pitted finishshow quality


Wolfsburgwest part number 211898606A.