Whats it like driving a big engine VW Bus – here is the driver POV

DragBus – a day out at the Drag Strip

So whats it like driving a big engine in a Volkswagen Bus – even better a Rat Style Camper. The stock engine generates about 30-50 Hp on a good day and in good tune, which when used to push a Bus around makes for slow progress. Our 2276cc engine should make around 150 hp – that’s about 3 times more powerful and as such should feel quite different.


The first thing you notice is the response of the throttle – there is so much torque at low revs, if you’ve never been in a big engine bus it is a wide eye moment when you first press the throttle – a VW Camper is not meant to accelerate this fast. Then there’s the noise – there is a low and loud growl from the exhaust that makes you grin. Finally on the open road there is the shear speed, here is a home made video on a camera phone with a 4th gear foot to the floor moment, and still accelerating (if you listen at the end there was an ‘OK, thats enough’ moment);


This was Farmington Fast Times with DragBus, here lined up on the formation lines after inspection;
DragBus on the lines at Farmington Drag Strip


A view looking at some of the competition, SEVWA had some really cool categories and competitors – but unfortunately no Buses..
Drag Racing Bus competition


Lining up;
Lining up on the drag strip with DragBus


This is what its like, filmed on board, first ever run down the strip, just as well the tree was not in shot – reaction times were awful all day;


This is the media photos from the event;
DragBus launch at the drag strip


DragBus media pic


And the proof;
time slip farmington dragbus


All in all a lot of fun that day – if you ever get the chance to go do a drag race – go for it. But beware its addictive.