Custom sheetmetal panels for our project Bus

Easley – sliding door and inside rear repairs

A pair of quite unusual places to rust and a challenge to repair as no normal panels are made for these areas, here we discover some corrosion inside the door track and inside the rear quarter below the air intake. How did that happen and how can we stop that happening again in another 40 years.


Spotted this under the sliding door mechanism cover, getting the cover off is in itself a tricky affair – usually the retaining screw is rusted on or just plain not there. This is with the cover removed;
Sliding door cover removed rust


And the rust goes all the way to the right hand side too;
Rusty sider track on our westy


So we cut it out, fabricated a repair panel to fit, here is it ready to be welded in place;
custome panel repair section


And this is the finished repair in primer;
Bay window repaired door track


Next up – something wet was allowed to sit here for a very long time, this sort of corrosion is very unusual and especially on a vertical surface, so we cut out the panel and made a custom pressed panel repair section. Here we’re half way through cutting out the bad – behind this section of the rear quarter is the air intake or where the cooler air is drawn in to help cool the engine. The other side of this panel is open to the elements. Out with the bad;
rusted rear quarter cargo area


Here is the main part of the repair panel in place, custom made and including some of the main pressings in the original sheetmetal – attention to detail;
handmade panel to match the original stamping


And the finished repair – all hand made panels and shapings to match the original, when this Camper gets painted this area will almost be invisible. Best to get some wax treatment on the other side of this panel to stop further rustiness occurring;
full on custom sheetmetal repair to our Westfalia

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