VW approved Toolkits made by Hazet – inventors of chrome vanadium plating for tools

Guide to Hazet RoundBox Toolkits – with Original Ads

Hazet tools have always been synonymous with German auto manufacturers and Volkswagen is no exception. Here we take a look at how to date a Roundbox toolkit into 4 main date groups and then show some fantastic period ads showing how Hazet and VW worked together through the 50’s and 60’s through the medium of official Volkswagen advertising materials.


BusandCamper’s Roundbox Dating Guide

Dating a roundbox can be interesting and challenging, but there are several main changes that are quickly spotted so you can make a successful match, for example;

1. Is there a stubby Phillips in there?
2. Is the lining felt pad or flocking?
3. Are there 3 spanners or 4?

Bear in mind with all the tools should have the lower case ‘azet’ which will quickly date the tool as pre 1965 when the Hazet factory went to upper case HAZET branding. Have fun collecting.

YearScrewdriversBox SpannerInside liningSpanner sizesT handle
c. 1950811-6 Long flat blade
813-3 Medium flat blade
561 36mm singleFelt pad450 7x8mm
450 10x12mm
600 14mm
527 14mm
c. 1955811-6 Long flat blade
813-3 Medium flat blade
814-2 Phillips stubby
561 36mm singleFelt pad450 7x8mm
450 10x12mm
600 14mm
527 14mm
c. 1957811-6 Long flat blade
813-3 Medium flat blade
814-2 Phillips stubby
2561 36x21mm doubleFlocking spray on450 7x8mm
450 10x12mm
600 14mm
527 14mm
c. 1962811-6 -or-
811-9 Long flat blade
813-3 Medium flat blade
814-2 Phillips stubby
2561 36x21mm doubleFlocking spray on450 7x8mm -or-
450 7x9mm
450 10x12mm


The earliest years

In the early 1950’s Hazet started making a round shaped toolbox that would neatly clip into the spare wheel of a VW Beetle. The earliest version of the tool kit was made for 16 inch wheels and this changed to for 15 inch wheels and other VW models – such as the VW 1500 or type 3. Hazet also made their own branded version – so whilst the Volkswagen roundbox toolkit was embossed with a huge VW the Hazet item was branded as Tourist and sold outside of the VW empire.


There are approx 4 main versions of the VW toolkit, with subtle variations of the tools inside and the box itself changed linings at one point during its life – from felt to flock lining for the tools. This is an ad from a very early time of the roundbox (early as there is no Phillips screwdriver between the pliers);
Early Hazet roundbox ad


A variation of the same ad and similar 1951 period;
black and white toolkit ad


And this is a page from the 1954 VW Beetle brochure – still showing a box without Phillips screwdriver – this date is debated amongst the other dating sites but with the evidence of aan actual 1954 brochure we feel it is pretty clear that in the 1954/55 brochures VW were still offering toolboxes without the new small stubby screwdriver;
VW Beetle 1954 brochure


The mid to late 50’s flocking and double box era

Around 1955 Hazet introduced an 814 Phillips stubby screwdriver between the pliers. Followed quite quickly in approx 1956 / 1957 with the inside tool lining now a lighter blue spray on flocking rather than a felt pad. At the time of the flocking change they introduced a 21mm box wrench to the other end of the 36mm wrench to cope with the new smaller generator nut presumably. And finally a subtle change to the T-handle 527 – they straightened the 14mm box instead of being at an angle.;

1. the stubby Phillips 814 screwdriver appeared between the pliers 1850
2. the 36mm box wrench 561 gained a 21mm box on the other end to be a 36×21 2561
3. the box was now sprayed with flocking rather than using felt pad
4. the T-handle 257 is now straight

This is updated offering as found in the 1957 brochure;
1957 brochure Volkswagen


Interesting from the same period VW must have started catering for the Bus customers or those without a convenient spare tyre – here is a ‘211’ numbered tool roll from 1957, almost the same line up of tools but essentially a few short – no long screwdriver 811 or generator box wrench 561;
Bus tools from Hazet 1959


In the 1961 brochures the Box appears unchanged;
1961 toolbox advert


Here is an excellent example of an early 60’s version of the kit;
Hazet RoundBox Toolkit


The 60’s 4 spanner range

Then in approx 1962 the round box went through quite a revision – Hazet deleted the T handle spark plug wrench 527 or 2527, possibly changed the lug wrench to be the plastic handle 772 with hubcap puller in the handle, possibly updated the large screwdriver from a 811-6 to a 811-9 with a more detailed and textured blade and finally the big change around about this time the kit gained another wrench or spanner – making a total of 4 spanners in the kit;

1. 7mm x 9mm open ended 450 7×9 – although there appears to be a 450 7×8 fitted to some kits
2. 10mm x 12mm open ended 450 10×12
3. 13mm box wrench 605-13
4. 14mm box wrench 605-14

Here is the new 4 spanner box in the 1962 brochures;
1962 brochure 4 spanner


Things remained largely unchanged although the toolkit advertisment was getting progressively smaller, here is the 1965 brochure;
1965 brochure Beetle accessories


The final years – a 12V version from 1967 on

The final version of the toolkit as offered in the 1966 version of the official accessory guide – the toolkit gets a major re-work;
1966 brochure Volkswagen accessories


And finally this is a picture of that 1966/67 Toolkit in superb condition;