No title and living in NC? Time to get busy..

How titling a vehicle in North Carolina has changed

Getting a title for a vehicle in the state of North Carolina is not quite as straightforward as it used to be. Way back I suppose the rule of possession was king, but evidentally this got abused and so the DMV and lawmakers set about introducing legislation to stop the abuse.


First off International Title and those other title fixing outfits can’t deal with NC titles – NC must be one of the states where the databases are all connected but regardless of this getting a title for a VW in NC is a PIA.


2003 – evidently a CA title for 67 13w that had been signed on the reverse and then stamped with export was not good enough. Bonded title was the response. A title bond is the DMV’s way of protecting themselves in the event the vehicle they just titled for someone turned out to belong to someone else.


An actual bonds is purchased through insurance agencies and cost but a fraction of their value – usually in the $00 region for a $4000 bond. The name on the bond has to be the exact name on the drivers licence – it also needs notarising. To compliment the bond an affadavit of facts is required as a statement as to why the title is not in your possession – at least that part was easy considering we just imported it.


Next up is a Bureau of License and Theft inspection – they came out and inspected the vehicle – usually Wednesdays and you had to get your name on the list on Tuesdays. Hmm. Oh and be sure to show them where to look for the VIN’s – ours went away the first time as the VIN was not where he was expecting it to be.


Finally armed with a new title application form, insurance and drivers license off we go to the DMV. The title followed in the post a few weeks later.


Fast forward to 2009 – it has been alleged that someone of influence was not playing fair and thus legislation had to be put in place to stop replica cars or non genuine cars from being titled as something they were not. So in addition to the bonded title you now need to have 2 car dealers inspect and value the vehicle and give you printed valuations on headed paper.


Then the Bureau for theft got so busy the Wednesday list was not getting completed (for Mecklenburg anyway) and so they were advising to being the vehicle to them to inspect. The vehicle has to be in running condition – verbally this meant just about drive it there for the inspection report, others have gotten away with looking like it runs, lights, electrics and an engine that may have to run for them.


Once this new paperwork is submitted, and you have your tag then there is a follow up inspection by the Bureau for ALL vehicles over a certain age – regardless of bonding titles or not – it was probably this extra inspection that made the Wednesday list looong. This final inspection for some reason is the trigger to get the title sent to you in your name. Every vehicle over a certain age has to be inspected.


So thats plenty of paperwork to contend with and get right – a spelling mistake here or a non notarised statement there and your bounced to the back the line.  And if your read this far then you’re clearly in NC without a title.