VW Camper Repair – holes in your sills don’t look good and could fail MOT

Lenoir – Sill replacements for our rusty Rockers

Take one rusted out cargo door rocker, cut out the old mess and weld in some nice new sheetmetal to make a strong VW Camper again. Here we show you how we did a replacement on a 1965 Bus.


This is actually about 5 minutes into the operation to remove the old rusted out inner and outer sill. Here we see the patchwork that’s left of the corrugated floor edge;
Started here and cut out old sill


Lower picture to show the I beam ends that are ready to be welded to the new inner and more importantly the ends of the jack point ready to be welded too. All too often the jack point fills with mud and debris and will rust out. Replacing these are crucial if they are compromised at all. Our Jacks weren’t that bad;
I beam and jack point ready


A really common area to repair on a Splitscreen – this is the closing panel for the end of the sill, if this is missing or holed then expect the jacking point and the sill at that end to be rusted out. Ours was typical in this area. This is the finished repair using hand cut pieces, panels are available too, note this is a bench model wheelarch – walk thru arches are slightly different;
closing panel in the wheel arch repaired


Klassic Fab Inner panel KF531 goes in and is welded from the other side, butt welds against the outside of the panel. Randy our welding guru has painted the inside of the panel black to help prevent the rust process happening over again too soon. Just visible at the end is the other side of the wheel arch repair;
Inner rocker panel in place and treated


Another funky green panel goes in, this is the LHD rocker outer KF492 – complete LHD cargo door rocker complete – its actually 2 pieces for strength – an inside support and the visible outside. Here Randy has plug welded the sill to the flange left by the inner sill;
KF492 outer sill repair panel in place


The finished result in primer – the floor edge is made good where it joins the funky green metal and all the gaps and welds have been tidied up, this area of our VW camper is finished;
Cargo door sill all repaired and ready to go

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