Joker two tone Camper – a very practical Westy

Our VW T25 Westfalia Hightop Campervan

Sampling the delights of a Joker Hightop – a very practical T25 campervan. Looking down the barrel of a 1500 mile roundtrip to the south of France we definitely wanted a diesel powered VW camper to make us fall in love with these campers – oh so practical.


When the doublecab sold we wanted a camper that would sleep 4 and take us to the south of France. Having never tried a T25 in this challenge we looked around for a reasonable Westy. This is what we found – a little rough round the edges but overall very solid and very practical Westfalia Joker 3 with German installed camping equipment. The sliding door side of this LHD giant;
Hightop Westfalia joker


The rear view shows that fabulous badge – CampingD – signifying this van has a diesel engine packed in under the rear floor. We’re always amazed at how VW started with the barndoor and that huge engine lid and then gradually over the years and several versions of Bus later the engine lid got smaller and smaller until this version where the access to the engine bay is through a pretty small gap. Fortunately there is also an access panel above the engine for more intense maintenance. The rear view;
Rear view of CampingD our westy



And this is the access panel to the engine – on a diesel this is heavy and almost properly sound proofed;
Engine bay access on a diesel T3


The nose and that oncoming view – here we see that famous decal and the extra window and skylight vent. For the spotters this is an early 82 water cooled T25 signified by the extra grille above the bumper. The water radiator fits in this location. CampingD’s were the first water cooled versions of the T25 as the air cooled engine was still used on the petrol versions of this VW;
early water cooled Volkswagen T25


The business side with Electrolux vent for the 3 way fridge, mains hookup point under the flap and the water connection. Underneath there is a propane gas tank and coupling, here we see again the enormity of that roof – huge. Rough round the edges the grey primer does a good job of highlighting where the seam rust appears in this type of bus;
gas tank side of our campervan



Inside is the impressive tardis like feel – the build quality and timeless feel to some of the camping gear is evident – this stuff is almost 30 years old, here we’re making sure the hookup is safe, the gas fridge works and the electric whale pump that pumps water up to the sink would well enough for the trip;
interior of our camper


Here we are in the south of France, our Outwell Country Road tunnel tent up and attached to the Camper. We bought the optional inner tent too for the toilet facility or for the boys to use. We were mightily impressed with the quality and usefulness of this tent – a zip out groundsheet, covered porch, bright tie lines, and what seems to be a sturdy construction. Here we see the lake through the window;
Outwell country road tent attached to our Campervan


A view from the lakeside of the setup, with the hightop Westy, the tunnel tent and some sun this was a very easy and enjoyable holiday. Recommended equipment and gear to use;
tunnel tent on the side of our camper


Finally a gratuitous picture from the holiday – we’ll all remember Heidi from that trip – comfortable and without issues, sleeping 4 people with supreme comfort and ease. Awesome, what does the advert say – priceless;
Perfect getaway with a T25 Westfalia VW campervan