Deliciously original Como green interior to a 21 window VW Samba – super original

VW como green interior – from an amazing low mileage original campervan

According to Wolfsburgwest como green interiors were around from 1961 through to 1964 Campers. This was the time when VW made colour co-ordination their thing – their style. Beetles had coloured everything – from steering wheels to rubber mats, and so the Camper from that period too had colour co-ordination. Primarily used for L380 Turquoise (Turkis), L289 Blue White type 2’s – como green is a beautiful shade of pastel green.


This particular bus is a 21 window deluxe campervan, it is a bench seat model with what looks to be a very stock low mileage interior. The seats show some wear but isn’t this amazing – note the original style lap belts – coloured green too, just visible is the green trim on the top of the divider section behind the drivers seat;
vw camper front seat original como green


Here is what appears to be an original headliner for a 21 window campervan, see all those glass windows in the roof – what a view, note also the deluxe only luggage bar on the back seat, polished aluminium, correct number of coat hooks, chrome handle for the sunroof, beautiful;
vw camper 21 window samba and rear luggage bar


The front of the cab area for this camper looks a little too clean on the headlight buckets – usually these areas are worn thin on the paint after years of having shoes bashed against them, the como green kick panel on the other hand looks correctly worn by the clutch pedal, notice the church key for the petrol flap door and the engine decklid, nice to see the stove pipe heater outlet – simplicity itself – just turn the handle to shut off the heat to your feet, this bus has a locking gear lever – a rare bus accessory in itself, and finally usually the steering column has shoe thinning to the paint too from all those years of climbing in and out of a campervan;
vw camper kick panel como green original and floor mat


Here is a picture of the rear luggage area – this time showing the original square weave carpet on the shelf where luggage goes, usually this is so worn or sun dried that it is missing, this being a deluxe bus there are more jail bars to the side windows, and a hint of that beautiful turkis green painted outside;
vw camper rear luggage area mat original and jail bars


View from the passenger side to the front seating area, nice radio with its ivory knobs, deluxe clock, and curiously one seatbelt for a larger person;
vw camper front seats and deluxe clock


Full width middle seat, with its kick panel, all correct details, light beige or white painted seat frames, original rubber floor mat and front kick mat, drinks panel actually hides the spare tyre, cloth door restraint, chrome ashtray, coloured armrests – all original;
vw camper full width middle seat como green original


Steering wheel, complete with its deluxe horn push, speedo surround chrome trim, cloth lined parcel tray, correct black coloured steering column support and black knee rubber on it, white tipped matching indicator arm, hand brake and gear lever buttons, and that wonderfully efficient water squirter for the washing the windows;
vw camper steering wheel deluxe original


Finally the rear seat, notice how the middle seat folds down for easier access, the original long kick panel under the rear seat with its cutout for heaters, notice the detail on the door card – the small filler piece or cord on the top of the trim panels is a sure sign of original – not remade anywhere near close enough, the only real nod to not original are the seatbelts – easily forgiven;
vw camper rear seat and original como rear kick panel