Cool bit of history about VW logo and its development through the years

VW logo history

Before the second world war Hitler wanted an inexpensive car for working man and so Ferdinand Porsche was enlisted to design such a car. In 1938 Volkswagenwerk GmbH was formed – the name ‘Volkswagen’ means ‘People’s car’ in Germany. However the Volkswagen factory was mainly involved in manufacturing military vehicles – Hitler secretly wanted a car to carry three men and a machine gun.
This was its initial logo;
39 logo

Just before WWII the logo was changed again to a cog wheel design with larger font or logo V and W;



Post WWII, when the factory was rebuilt by the British, the logo was simplified again to remove any military influences in the design;


Interestingly the logo remained unchanged and indeed heavily policed for copyright and trademark throughout the 70’s and 80’s. This is the current logo;


Perhaps one of the largest uses of the logo was on the front of a splitscreen campervan, this is ours;
Perhaps the largest logo used in VW's history