Replacing a complete floor on our 65 VW Camper

Lenoir – new Splittie front floor and doglegs

Next in line after the nose was the mess that used to be a front floor – not much was left to go on and the usual 1/4 floor repairs wont cut it. The whole floor has to come out.


After the nose job, the floor needed some equally drastic attention. This is what we started with – the missing extremities are usual but what made this worse was the hole in and around the steering column – clearly a lot of water stood on this floor and activated the rust through process;
lots of rust on our vw camper front floor


All that had to come out, and here we have the front floor removed, notice the bracing from the chassis rail to the front right A post – a remnant of the work to replace that a post. Here we see the underneath structure of a split screen bus – two large chassis box sections that connect to the front inner valence, a structure to hold the gear lever, pedals and brake system and finally a steel pipe that passes hot air from the back of the bus;
Van floor removed to expose chassis rails


In goes a replacement dogleg, this narrow lip dogleg was cut from a salvage bus;
Dogleg passenger side OG Split part


But without a floor or the previous a post to get a reference from Randy has to offer up the new floor and re-hang the door to get the gaps right;
Wolfsburgwest new front floor trial fit


All fits well with this wolfsburgwest repair panel, this is the fit around the new Gerson A-post;
finished welding floor right side leg


Similar dogleg repair to the left side, this time Randy used just the forward section of the door step or dogleg, plus a small repair to the vertical part of the seat stand;
campervan drivers side door step replaced


And the finished result, with the middle section welded near the gear lever socket, round the front, heater tube back in, pedals back in – about all thats left is the accelerator pedal;
finished result all welded in place in our 65 vw bus

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